Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just like me...

She longs to be, close to you...

These are "the boys" (I LOVE saying that!!)and their Grandma. That would be my mom! She lives really close! Thank goodness for that, because we don't know what we would do without her! She has been helping all of us adjust to life as a family of 5(you didn't forget Porter, did you?). But don't let our need for help fool you, the day after she leaves I get emails about her withdrawl symptoms. She is as crazy about us as we are about her!

This post was supposed to be much longer (sorry Jenny) but that will all have to wait for another night. It is late and B just finished what I would love to call a meal, but I am sure it was more like a snack, and that means I need to get to sleep so he can wake me in another 2 hours, to grab yet another snack!

But I must end on this funny.
Last night at dinner Q insisted his baby was hungry and needed to be fed. He sat down on the floor, grabbed his "special pillow" (the boppy) and proceeded to lift his shirt and pull Josh to his bare chest. When Josh was "full" Q threw him over his shoulder and burped him! And here is the warning...Little guy, BIG eyes and ears for observing! It is crazy how much he absorbs!

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