Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where does the time go?

Just where does it go?
I haven't posted forever! And again, I have plenty of excuses. Mainly I have been busy being a mom. That means I have been throwing baptism parties, working, dealing with a 2.5 yo, rocking an infant while he sleeps in my arms (ALL NIGHT) because he can't sleep and cleaning up puke. Sorry, I never said this blog would be glamourous. Instead, like me, this blog tells it like it is. That is why you read it, right? That is why you ask me questions, right? That is why you like me, right?

So...on that note;

B was baptised Sunday January 10th. It was great. There was lots of love in this house. His house and our house. B wore his great grandmothers christening gown. It was cleaned up beautifully after years in a box. I kept meaning to tell her that B was going to wear it. I kept forgetting, therefore when the day was upon us, I decided to just make it a surprise. (I know, I can't believe I did it either!) And it was worth keeping my mouth shut!
Here is Zanney seeing B in his gown for the first time

B being baptised

B & his Godmother

B & his Grandmother & Great Grandmother

And then Q was sick. I mean SICK. Yup, that kind of sick. I won't lie, I hate that he feels so awful, but I do love that he is so snuggly. Because when he is snuggly he is SNUGGLY, but then there are weeks like this past one. Weeks were my beautiful sweet Q is taken over by the terrible twos. And he is no fun at all. By no fun, I mean unbearable. I mean screaming crying saying he doesn't love me unbearable! He doesn't love me? Where in the world did he learn this already? What is he going to say when he is a teenager?? I will for sure be reduced to tears. Which is why tonight, CP & I eat leftovers and not the good wholesome Sunday meal I was hoping to sit down to. But, I won't dwell on it, I will leave it at that and ask you send strength our way to get through the next year or so. Or 18 if you have that much strength to send us!

Did I mention that I was that kind of sick to? Oh, I was. I was. At the same time.

Thankfully B did not get that sick. And he waited to get sick (thank you God for hearing my prayers). Unfortunately he is a pretty sick boy. He is pretty stuffy. By pretty stuffy, I mean what I said, when I say I rocked him all night (with a 2 hour break from Chad). We lowered the foot of his bed and always run his humidifier. However, it is not helping. So he sat in my lap while I held him tight and rocked him. Did I mention, I did this ALL NIGHT? You know what? It wasn't that bad. I'll admit it. I was worried about doing that, and how I would feel today and how I would miss my bed. However, it was worth it and he got good sleep, which you know means a happy baby. But...his eyes were a little swollen and pink and runny. So today after Q & I went to church we met CP & B at the Dr.

Now B has medicine for those itchy watery eyes and a bit of baby vicks on his nose. He is sleeping (as of this very minute) in his bed. And Q after spending the day acting as a 2.5 yo is sleeping (as of this very minute) in his bed. Which means I need to go and sleep in my bed!

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