Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to you..

So I was going to take a night off from blogging, I mean really, I just posted last night!
But I had to share with you what my sweet sweet boy did today at school. He was at the play-doh table doing what 2 year olds do at the play doh table. Hopefully not eating it! When his friend Avery got to school she wanted to play at the play doh table too. However, there were already 4 people there so she had to find another station to play at. But she really wanted to play at the play doh station. That is when my sweet sweet boy let her have his spot at the table!
So he is generous and sweet too!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet hubby too! I wasn't going to do candles but Q insisted....so this is what I could find!!

Happy Birthday to my CP

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