Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well Baby...

Well today was B's four month check up. And well, he's perfect! That is what Dr. P said and I believe her!
He was 16lbs 9.5oz (75%) and 26" long(80%)! He also had some xrays of his hips. They do this with all breech babies. And guess what? Those looked perfect too!!

He can start on rice cereal! Then after 2 weeks we can try some oatmeal! After that we can start real food! Q and I decided that B can start rice cereal on Saturday so we can make a big deal of it, 'cause let's face it we don't have time to celebrate much on a weekday morning! I am sure we will take lots of pictures for you! I know Porter is probably the most excited about this! He is ready to prove he is still great at cleaning up!

And as excited as I am about B's growth, his growth leaves me sad. He is outgrowing his clothes faster than I can put them away and get out the new ones. He has discovered his hands (and likes to chew on them). He gets excited when I walk into daycare at the end of a long day (this makes me smile from ear to ear). He squeals and chats to anyone that listens (and we do). He is strong. He holds up his head and pushes off of things. He still hasn't rolled over, but he wants to so bad. He wants to be on his back a lot now and every time I put him on his back he tries and tries to roll over. He was extremely close today. I was alone and was sure that if he did it, NO ONE would believe me! He loves to blow raspberries. He reaches out and grabs things. Today we wanted to play with the empty hangers in his closet. He is captivated by mostly anything! I hope that he always stays that inquisitive. I think?

But for now I will soak up my perfect four month old baby boy.

(Adorable outift compliments of Aunt Kelly)
Christening update coming next...maybe tomorrow night if I am up for it?

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