Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

Is too much of a good thing..a good thing or a bad thing? I believe that everything in moderation, is a good thing and therefore you get to have a little of everything! And that my friends is a positive thing!

Today my 14 week old got to enjoy an exersaucer!! He loved it! Q liked showing him all the cool toys attached. This toy is my new good thing! I new distraction for B to enjoy while I get to cook dinner. All while listening to him coo and squeal. Too much of absolutely delightful thing!!

And tonight while I nursed that absolutely adorable good thing to sleep, I thought about that piece of advice that says "You should never nurse, rock, hold, etc your baby to sleep or they will never learn to get to sleep on their own". Wow! That poor sad person. Really? They never did this for their child? I am pretty sure I was rocked, nursed, held, & hugged many a nights until I fell asleep in my amazing mothers arms. But for years I have been falling asleep on my own. Q is doing pretty well at falling asleep on his own now. I believe I will continue to put my babies to sleep my way. This is a good thing and I can never get enough of it!

What about dogs? Q & B are already getting good dog love. But too much? Not possible!

And then there is the smell of clean....mmmm Clorox! I am sure too much of this can be a bad thing. Which my poor family is suffering from tonight. Potty training is tough and Q is learning to tell when he is done. The bathtub is drenched in bleach. I love the smell of bleach! Pretty sure you don't need any more details!

And being a mom. Now a good thing!

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