Monday, December 14, 2009

Have you missed us?

Well we haven't been anywhere. We've been right here. But we have been busy! Is that an acceptable excuse or do I have to admit how lazy and tired I have been?!
In the time that we have been "gone" B has slept through the night for a whole entire week and is now back to waking up EVERY TWO hours!!! Yes, I am serious!! What happened? I was so excited! My whole first week of work, it was like he knew, how drained I would be. I guess he figured I got caught up on all that sleep and it was time for him to get back all that mommy time he had missed! SO believe me when I say, we have been making up that time. Mommy is T.I.R.E.D!! Tired, I tell you.

We got our Christmas tree. Q decorated it. We have about 500 ornaments at the bottom front of our tree. And you know what...this control freak likes it that way! I think it is beautiful and that is how he likes it. We haven't done a thing outside. Not one light! And you know what else...I am ok with that too. It's been raining and dark! It is so dag-on dark so dag-on early!! I barely have any decorations up inside! But that will all change tomorrow night!! You know why??? Because my fireplace (that horrid green marble and cream mantle) is now beautiful and I can't wait to hang some stockings for Santa!! Look for that picture on Wednesday!

And then the star...

Speaking of Santa, we made a really cool video for Q to watch at the Portable North Pole. If you have little guys I recommend checking it out! Easy, fun & WAY cool!

B is squeling up a storm! He "talks" A LOT!! I LOVE it! It makes me (and all the other y's in my house) giggle!
This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with the Phillips'. We went angel tree shopping and then had a yummy dinner and opened our first presents of the season. Q loves that B can't open his own presents yet!

Check out all those beautiful faces!!

We have a big weekend ahead of us..'Tis the season. Friday Q's attendance was requested at Grandma and Pappa Joes office party. He was a big hit last year. I will be taking B as well and hope he doesn't steal too much of Q's thunder. And Saturday we go to Richmond to celebrate Christmas at our White House. There will be tons of cousins and tons and tons of presents. This is my favorite Saturday of the year!

Remember those dances I told you about? Now we have a new one. The Skateboard. And I have pics!! The word "Skateboard" became a popular voacabulary word after Grandma used it describing how she got some holes in her favorite jeans. Q didn't like that she just got them from washing them. So she told Q she fell off her skateboard. And because Q is fascinated with all things "Grandma" he is now fascinated by the skateboard!

Watch out Tony Hawk!! (there's that tongue again!!)
And now my fabulous blog readers, it's time for this mommy to get some sleep!

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