Monday, December 28, 2009

And in the blink of an eye

it was over. Just like that.
Christmas that is.
It came on fast and if was over even faster. Why does that happen? It's like a wedding. It's months if not a year or so of planning and in one full day of fun, it's over. Just.Like.That. Done.

Ours was fast but it was fun. We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas at Grandma & Pappa Joes house. We left on Saturday (at nap time, of course!) and went to Grammy & Granddaddys house on Sunday (we left at bedtime, of course!) Christmas day started early and it took Q three times to open all his presents. He opened everyones. That is a lot of presents.

Christmas Eve Santa called and told Q he should get to bed.

Thank goodness for that call. Chad and I had a kitchen to build! It turned into a family project! We didn't ask. I am pretty sure it was either a PR move or they felt sorry for us?! But it was fun watching my dad and grandparents help. I wonder if that is what it was like when I was younger? I couldn't help but think it was. Everyone was laughing and smiling and enjoying the company.

While we built a kitchen Aunt Nina (wrapper extroidinaire) wrapped my presents for CP. You can always tell her presents. There is no tape to be seen and EVERY single present has a beautifully made bow! One day I too, will wrap like her.
We stuffed some stockings (LOTS of stockings) and set them on the hearth. We all laughed that I have NEVER in my 32 years seen a stocking full and hanging! Nothing could hold the stockings we make!

The stockings were hung on the mantle with care...

And then they were to full to hang anywhere...

The tree ready for her 2009 debut. For a family that does donations instead of gifts...there sure were a lot of gifts!

Santa came

Christmas morning Q was very excited to see his kitchen. We could have stopped there, but...we didn't. He got lots of fun toys and books. A cabbage patch doll and a set of pots and pans for his kitchen were among his favorites. Not to mention the Lionel train that Pappa Joe got him! Oh, and some fur lined crocs that he refuses to take off. Literally, he slept in them the first 2 nights!! I think B enjoyed his morning?!

Grandma got a Wii. I think that present was the most fun. Everyone had a good time playing with Grandmas video game system!

The boys in their new chairs! If I would let him Q would sleep in it!

Christmas in Greensboro was fun too! Q LOVES when he gets to play with his cousins. There are 4 older cousins and they are so good to him. He is extremely lucky they play with him like they do. They are very tolerant and patient. And for that I am so grateful!

There was a lot of presents!!

There was wrapping paper everywhere! There was LOTS of giggling and loud excited voices!! That is always fun to hear. It makes me giggle when they are all so excited! The big hit was zhu zhu pets?! Who knew? Apparently they are all the rage. I'm just excited I don't have to clean up after this "pet"!

B with Grandaddy

B & his favorite Aunt Michelle. He only has one so we can say that!

The girls and their baby

And now we are back home and trying to get ready for 2010. After the holiday it is back to the real grind. No more vacation days for awhile. I hope 2010 doesn't go by as fast as 2009 did! But what a year it was!!
Hopefully you enjoyed this rather unusually long post. But it was worth it to see all those pics, right?

I won't be posting tomorrow night. Auntie Jenny is in town from Denver! I think we will be sharing wine instead!

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