Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcoming Walter

I'll go back to the baby shower I co-hosted for a cousin.

Our cousin Andy is married to a great girl, Olga. They've been married a few years now (3) and live "up the road" in Maryland. This family (as well as hers) doesn't really have patience when it comes to waiting for babies. Our family is large and we like it that way.

My mom, cousin Michelle and I drove up to Northern VA to an aunts house. It's kind of in the middle and this shower, was supposed to be a surprise. We needed a believable excuse to get her there. There were lots of laughs and some good stories. Mostly from my mom, who knows all the secrets! Although, I was holding back a big secret of my own. Or so I was thinking.

At the grocery store that night, I spilled the beans to my cousin. I was pretty sure I was pregnant, but hadn't confirmed it yet. I didn't really want to find out before the shower. I wanted to focus on Olga (& Walter)and I didn't want to slip up in front of all my aunts. Espcially at a party in someones elses honor!!

When we got back to the house, I got a phone call from my friend Jennifer that she was engaged. Now, I couldn't tell one of my best friends!! This secret was getting harder and harder to keep!

Saturday morning we got up early to prepare. Our theme was Pickles and Ice Cream.

My cousin and I with 2 of my lovely great aunts (one on left her mom, one on the right our hostess!).

My mom and I skipped out for a few minutes and took a walked around the corner to the house she grew up in. She said it looks exactly the same as she remembers it. Pretty wild when I think about my own children and their antics and can picture my mom and her sisters. It was fun to hear her stories (sometimes for the second or third time) but now I could picture that friend and their house. The owners watching us from the windows didn't invite us in, so we just hung out outside and took pictures. We wondered if any of the neighbors were the same, but neither of us were brave enough to ask.

Q and I had fun making some decorations during B's naptime. He's my design partner, assistant party planner and my right hand man.

First up: the decorations!
Whats a party these days with out a bunting?! They are a fun and easy way to add some color. Granted these aren't the nursery colors or the shower colors. But Andy & Olga are FSU alumni and Walters room is a sports theme. I coudn't resist doing this for him. It was the one thing I did off the theme. I didn't mind because, I can kill a theme. I mean kill it. Once I get the theme in my head, my brain just goes wild with ideas.

And what's a baby shower without a game? Our game was baby songs. All different genres. Songs with the word "baby" in the title. You get a point for knowing the song title and a point for knowing the artist. We played this at B's shower and I loved it. Had to do it again. Picking the songs is almost as fun as playing the game! Every guest gets to take home a cd.

Spoil me table...an understatement!

The cake!


And the favors. Yankee Candles in pink, white and brown (of course!)

Now we can get on with the party. Olga was very surprised! Always a plus when you've worked so hard not to spill the beans.

She was even more surprised when she saw her mom.

Yes, she is jumping and yes, her feet actually came off the ground. We were scared. Very scared. We thought we'd be delivering a baby!
And her dad.

And her aunt.

And her uncle!!

Showers and parties are hard work, but so worth it! A great time was had by all and Baby Walter ("baby dubs" as I like to call him) made out like the prince that he is.

A big shout out to Carli at Dimpleprints on Etsy for the invites and the CD labels. She was great to work with and very patient! She was willing to work with me on any and all changes!

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