Monday, September 19, 2011


As suspected I took a nice long summer break. Well, that is my excuse anyway. We were busy. I seem to start a lot of projects and don't complete them. I'll file this blog under that long list.

I'm not even sure where to start. Do I go back and fill you in or just start fresh? But we did so many fun things this summer I hate to not post about them. Afterall, I did start this blog as a way for me to keep the boys informed of all the fun we had as a family.

Here is a brief run down of things to come.
After the strawberry picking journey, I co hosted a surprise baby shower for a cousin! It was a fun weekend with my lady family members celebrating family, babies, and making memories.
After a quick drive to Arlington and a long grocery store visit I got a phone call from one of my best friends that she just got engaged! (This will be the begininng of many crafty post!)
That Monday (May 2nd) we learned we would also be welcoming a new baby!! After some quick calculations, we also calculated I was 5 weeks. The bean was the size of a sesame seed.
I watched the final episode of Oprah. Hey! It really was a momment, in my book!
We went to the Beach for Memorial day. Chad and I celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss!
The boys and I took a trip to Pittsburgh PA for a quick visit with our friends, (they used to be our neighbors)
June 23rd & 25th my new cousin Walter arrived and one of my favorite roomates announced the arrival of her son Finn.
June 30th brought another man into my life. Another great friend got engaged! More crafty post on the way! Not to mention a trip to Denver, CO in June 2012!!
We went back to Nags Head for the 4th of July holiday! More family, more food, more good memories made!
Q went to camp at the church where he (now attendds) preschool. We thought it would be a good introduction to the teachers and space.
We spent a weekend in Bath County VA with more family. Lots more great memories made!
We then found out the gender of the bean!! I went right to Asheville for a girls weekend/bachelorette party. And the boys hung out with the grammy & granddaddy.
We experienced our families first earthquake (5.9)!!
Hurricane Irene came and threw Richmond for a loop! Lots of damage (none for us)
We closed on a new house! Talk about some project post! There will be lots!
We spent Labor Day and Bradleys 2nd birthday in Nags Head.
Then we came back in time to start school and soccer!
There were also many trips to Raleigh and Lake Gaston for some family time.

So with a boring timeline of a post I will leave you with a picture to hold you over until the next post. Hopefully, it won't be so long.

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