Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Little Lego Master

So it's been awhile.  A LOOOONNNNGGGG while.  I've done a few parties and room designs since my last post, and while I'm laid up with a broken ankle and high ankle sprain and my two littles run a muck in the play room I thought I'd stop in with these.

Q turned 6 (I know, I can't believe it!) in April.  Our kick off to the world of Legos was a trip to Legoland Florida in February.  It's an amazing place and I highly recommend it.  We only spent one full day and would have spent more time but the park actually closed some what early.

After that trip it was ON.  Our house was all things Lego.  It was my go to bribe.  Thank you Lego for making those little packets of mystery mini figures!!  I keep stashes of them EVERYWHERE!

Needless to say Q had his birthday shortly after and he wasn't having anything else but Legos.  I perused Pinterest for ideas.  Thanks to my lovely little addiction, I rarely have to come up with my own ideas,which is kind of sad at the same time.

Invites:  I got the invites, Thank You postcards, and Thank You tags from Heather at Tiny Corner Store on Etsy.   Heather was great to work with!  She created exactly what I wanted and turn around time was super!

Photo From Tiny Corner Store
I made the birthday boy and his siblings (Q said they could) Lego figurine tees.  They were great the first five minutes and then after that hands and heads started falling off.  I used double sided heat n bond.  Ultra hold. I could have reinforced with some stitching but that would have required taking out the sewing machine..I drew on their faces with a black fabric marker.

Thankfully (or not?) Q wanted his party at Chuck E Cheese.  They supplied the pizza and I didn't have to clean my house!  There was no reason to plan "Lego themed food"! Which is fantastic because I hate planning the food part.  A little tidbit about CEC...there is no space for a tip on the credit card receipt!!  Our hostess was fantastic and my husband and I didn't have a clue that we couldn't put a tip on a restaurant receipt!!  I had to go back later to give her a cash tip.

But we did have cup cakes.  We bought the Lego man ice tray at Legoland, having no idea what to do with it.  I couldn't make a living, but I think they were fine for six year olds!

Gift Bags:  I love to involve the kids in craft stuff when I can.  Especially if it's for their party.  Q cut the bags, drew the eyes and smiles, cut the tags and taped them on.  There weren't too many Lego favors to be found.  We found a tiny note pad and some crayons with the Lego logo.  The rest were items that were either, red, yellow, green or blue.  We got all of the trinkets at party city.  I'm sorry moms.  I hate it when nothing but trinkets comes home too.

My Photo, but created by Tiny Corner Store
Thank You postcards.  Which I thought would be great for postage savings.  However, the guy at the post office told me I needed to buy 100 post cards stamps.  I didn't bother going back, and asking someone else.  I just sent them using a regular stamp.  My kids love getting mail, so I really love mailing them.  Q was able to write them (woo hoo kindergarten!!) and I addressed them!
My photo, but link to Thank You postcards
It was a really fun day and every one was exhausted...including the hubs and I!

Since it seems to be birthday season in our neighborhood, he is already planning his next one...I love that he wants to be involved and pick things out....I better get to pinning.

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