Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughts on Three

Like every parent I think I was forwarded Glennon Meltons Huffington Post article Don't Carpe Diem. I read it. I laughed. I cried. And then I thought about it. And what I thought she really meant.

Then I read Emily's take on Jones Design Company. I laughed. I cried. And then I thought about it. And what I thought she really meant. This is not the first time a blogger that I read daily has come clean about how tough it is to be a mom. Emily is also pretty good at keeping it real. But as an outsider looking in, she still seems to have it all together and make you ask "Just how does she do it"?? It's nice to know that people we admire (she is a mom, a wife, a blogger, a designer, a friend, a sister, homeowner) still have to find a balance and struggle to do so. We are I am not alone.

Three. Wow! I have three children. Three beautiful and amazing children. Precious gifts from God. Chad and I always said we wanted three. Why? I have no idea where the number three came from. And everyone said, oh three sounds great until you have one. But once I had one, I wanted another, and I knew I would want another. We never once, NOT ONCE prayed for a specific gender. Our first, a boy, brought so much joy to our lives and the poor kid, was the guinea pig. Hopefully, we didn't mess him up too bad! I loved being a mom. I simply forgot what life was like before his arrival. Then we had boy #2. I couldn't believe I could love another child so much. I absolutely without a doubt, loved being a mom to boys. I loved seeing them interact. Loved seeing Q "take care" of his little brother. I loved watching B's face light up every single time Q walked into his line of sight.

Having another child was something we wanted for our family. Not to have a girl. I had no idea we would have a girl. A petite and pretty princess. Who I believe has brought as much love to her brothers lives as she has ours. They can't seem to get enough of her.

Of course we weren't trying for a girl. As if that is even possible. And, we weren't praying for one either. Quite frankly, I felt like we had the boy thing under control. Had a good thing going. Had LOTS of clothes! And because choosing a gender was not an option (yes, I do understand it can be done) I really hated it when complete strangers asked me if I was trying for a girl, ready for another boy, hoping I got girl, what am I going to do with three boys, etc etc. The absolute worst was at my six week post partum visit, the nurse asked me if I was so happy I finally got my girl?! Really? Of all places?! Glad my boys weren't with me!

I have a friend, a mom of three boys, that while on a walk shortly after delivery, a neighbor approached her. She thought the neighbor was going to take a look at her adorable new infant and congratulate her. What she actually did was say "Oh, I'm sorry you had another boy. I was hoping for you,that you would have a girl!

Why can't we just simply adore our children so much we want more than one? Or two? Or ten?

Then there is the Carpe Diem or don't. Thankfully, I have some really great mommy friends, who I can be real with and know that I am not alone. Even some of my not mommy friends understand, because they are either realist or they have honestly spent a day in my shoes.

Being a mom is tough. They challenge me and show me true love. However, this chapter I'm in right now is so short and I do, honestly try to soak up every minute. I didn't say I enjoyed every minute. I'm thinking those are the minutes when I will one day be able to look back and laugh. Or just tell my then grown children that my beautiful, amazing, talented, well rounded grandchild could not have possibly run from rack to rack through out Target screaming "Mommy can you see me? How about now?"

Then there is my beautiful seven week old. I can rock and rock and pat and pat and tickle and tickle and she won't wake up and won't burp. She sleeps through it all. Until I set her down. Then she is wide awake and nap time (or bed time) is over. During the day she wants to be held. She can't sit up yet, so being a part of everything means being held. Which means today, I emptied the washer and the dishwasher with one hand. But it's only for a short time.

As for the 4 year old, he likes to talk his brother into doing things he shouldn't. Then he likes to come tell me, what the other is doing wrong. I know this, because I hear him! He likes to "offer" B things he can't have. "B, let's go get some gum!". I know this, because I hear him! But it's only for a short time.

Oh father time. You go by so fast. How long my days seem, but how quickly a week seems to pass.

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